Young Moving Groups


This page provides a regroupment of literature information and general news on the subject of nearby, young moving groups and associations of stars. It will serve as a long description page of the Young Moving Groups Zenodo Community (under the “Read More” link)

List of Associations

We aim at including in this page all young associations within ~ 200 pc  :

TW Hydrae (TWA)
β Pictoris (βPMG)
Carina (CAR)
Tucana-Horologium (THA)
Columba (COL)
Argus (ARG)
AB Doradus (ABDMG)
Castor (CAS)
Pleiades (PLE)
Ursa Major (UMA)
Hyades (HYA)
Octans (OCT)
η Chameleontis / Mamajek 1 (ηCHA)
μ Ophiuci / Mamajek 2 (μOPH)
32 Orionis / Mamajek 3 (32OR)
ε Chamaeleontis / Cha-Near (εCHA)
Carina-Near (CANE)
Scorpius-Centaurus (SCO) – Inclues Upper Scorpius, Upper Centaurus & Lower Centaurus-Crux
ρ Ophiuci (ρOPH)
α Persei (αPER)
α Carinae (αCAR)
IC 2391 (IC23)
IC 2602 (IC26)
NGC 2451 A (NGC24)
HD 141569 (HD14)
Hercules-Lyrae (HEL)
Coma Berenices (CBER)
Praesepe (PRA)
Platais 3 (PL3)
Platais 9 (PL9)
Alessi 13 (AL13)
Cassiopeia-Taurus / Taurus (TAU)
Chamaeleon (CHA)

Refereed Publications

We list below a collection of refereed papers treating of those associations – We include the keyword for each association included in the publication.

Conference Proceedings

Other Publications

We include here a list of other interesting material related to young moving groups :

  • A blog on young star isochrones by Adric Riedel on BDNYC – Link. (Figure available here).
  • A description of the convergence point method by Adric Riedel on BDNYC – Link. (Figure available here).
  • A Youtube Video by Adric Riedel show the 3D distribution of young stars – Link. (More media available here and here).
  • Figures for 3D models of young moving groups by Jonathan Gagné – Link.
  • Scientific material related to the BANYAN II paper – Link.
  • Scientific material related to Gagné et al. (2014b) and the L1 dwarf in TWA – Link.
  • The Montreal Spectral Library containing spectra for young moving group candidates – Link.
  • A Zenodo community for young brown dwarfs – Link.
  • A library of NIR spectra of young M-L dwarfs maintained by Mickaël Bonnefoy – Link. (cite this).
  • The BANYAN I and BANYAN II online tools.


This page is still in construction – if you notice any mistake, or which to add information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at gagne (AT)

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