List of All UltraCool Dwarfs

This page contains a list of all spectroscopically confirmed ultracool objects up to date. The list was mostly built upon the “L, T and Y Dwarf Census Through February 2014“, constructed by Gregory Mace, and the, constructed by Davy Kirkpatrick. I also acknowledge the use of the Database of Ultracool parallax from Trent Dupuy. I am following the same principle that any object must have a spectral type of L0 or later in the optical or near-infrared in order to be included in this list. The list thus contains mainly brown dwarfs, but also a few low-mass stars and planetary companions. I also welcome adding directly imaged exoplanets, since this can add useful informations in color-magnitude diagrams.

The goal of this page is to include a number of experts throughout the brown dwarfs community that will curate the list directly on Google Drive, which will automatically be updated here. Do not hesitate to contact me if you find any mistake in the table, or if you wish to become a curator of this list.

You can also view the table in a more convenient way here, as well as download it with “File/Download As/” (the CSV format is a simple and useful one) :


See also the List of M6 – M9 Dwarfs.

WARNING : The current cross-matches with 2MASS and WISE are tentative.

List of Other Curators :

– Will Best (IfA)

List of Major Updates :

2014 September 12 – First upload. (2MASS and WISE cross-matches are tentative ; those for T and Y dwarfs especially need some clean-up)

2014 September 22 – Added parallaxes, proper motions, RVs, did a major clean-up of 2MASS and WISE cross-matches, added MKO photometry, information from and more.

List of Things that still need to be done :

– Add directly imaged exoplanets.

– Change references to bibcodes.

– Include missing proper motions from recent literature (2012 +).

– Add links to SIMBAD and Vizier

– Include tangential velocities, Galactic positions and space motions (long-term).

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