The Montreal Spectral Library

We will share on this page all the near-infrared and optical spectra that were obtained or published by our team.
Please always cite the references in the « Reference » column when using these spectra.
When you use parts or all of this spectral library in a publication, we would appreciate that you acknowledge it in the following way :
« This research has benefitted from the Montreal Brown Dwarf and Exoplanet Spectral Library, maintained by Jonathan Gagné ».
Instructions for bulk download (OS X or unix) :

(1) Make sure you have the “wget” utility (in a terminal, run “which wget”). If you don’t have it, I recommend installing either Brew or Mac Ports and then install it with “brew install wget” or “sudo port install wget”, respectively.
(2) Create a directory that will receive the data (here we will call this directory MSL, you can create it with e.g. the terminal command “mkdir ~/Downloads/MSL”)
(3) Access the full Google Spreadsheet with the link above
(4) Copy the complete “wget script” FITS, ASCII or PREVIEW column (located around columns AJ to AL), depending on what data you would like to download. Make sure you selected all rows ! If you just do alt+shift+down arrow once, it will stop at the first empty cell. Note: the “PREVIEW” bulk download is not fully functional yet.
(5) Paste all the wget commands in a text file, and name it something like “wget_script.txt”
(6) Open a terminal and cd into the directory MSL (e.g., “cd ~/Downloads/MSL”)
(7) Make the wget_script.txt file executable (“chmod +x wget_script.txt”)
(8) Run the wget_script.txt file to download all data (“./wget_script.txt”)
(9) Inspect the output log (“wget_log.txt”) to make sure that no downloads failed.
Here are some useful links to other spectral libraries :
– The SDSS L dwarfs templates (also includes M dwarfs), by Schmidt et al. 2014.

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