The Ultracool RIZzo Spectral Library

This library contains far-red optical (~6,000-10,000 Å) spectra for ultracool objects (low-mass stars, brown dwarfs and giants) covering the R, I and Z bands in the visible, from a variety of references. Please always cite the references in the « Reference » column when using these spectra.
When you use parts or all of this spectral library in a publication, we would appreciate that you acknowledge it in the following way :
« This research has benefitted from the Ultracool RIZzo Spectral Library (, maintained by Jonathan Gagné and Kelle Cruz ».
We are happy to add more spectra to this library in the future – If you would like to make a contribution, don’t hesitate to contact me at jonathan.gagne (AT) You can also contact me if you find any error or problem with the library or the data it contains.

You can optionally download all sources in the library with the following links : ASCIIFITSPNGSAVSpectral Indices (SAV) – ALL FILES
You can also view the list here in a more convenient way,  and download the table with “File / Download As /”
Here are some useful links to other spectral libraries :
The SDSS L dwarfs templates (also includes M dwarfs), by Schmidt et al. 2014.

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