SIMP J2154-1055. Material.

SIMP J2154-1055 : Additional Material

2MASS Color Mosaic for SIMP J2154-1055

This page contains additional material for the Gagné et al. (2014c) paper arxiv/1407.5344 : “SIMP J2154-1055: A New Low-Gravity L4β Brown Dwarf Candidate Member of the Argus Association”. All data is hosted on Figshare so that they get their own DOI if you wish to refer to a particular table or figure set. We ask that you always at least refer to arxiv/1407.5344 when using this material, and after september 2014, please check if the complete ApJL reference is available on ADS.

When the ApJL paper is published, check it out for the new “Data Behind Figures” feature – Yes, you can now access all the data which was used to build the plots in the Letter !

1) Additional figures.

1.1) XYZ and UVW statistical predictions for SIMP J2154-1055 compared to Argus members.

These figures show the expected 3-dimensional XYZ and UVW positions of SIMP J2154-1055 (red point; blue lines points to its projections on the 3 planes), compared to the XYZ positions of bona fide members from Malo et al. 2013 (green points; their projections are also shown on the 3 planes, and only vertical lines pointing to their XY-or UV-plane projections are shown for clarity). The orange ellipsoid and its projections on the 3 planes represent the 1.5-sigma contour of the spatial model of the moving group in question. The statistical distance predictions from BANYAN II (see Gagné et al. 2014a) for RVs and distances were used to compute the XYZ or UVW of the two TWA candidates. Measurements of distance and RVs were used in the case of bona fide members. DOI & Figshare link

1.2) SIMP J2154-1055 compared to the BASS sample in 2MASS/WISE CMDs.

Thus figure shows the positions of SIMP J2154-1055 (red circle) in 2MASS/WISE color-magnitude diagrams, compared to the field sequence (black line), its scatter (gray region) and all candidate members to young moving groups from the BASS sample (black dots or purple dots when youth is confirmed; see Gagné et al. 2013). DOI & Figshare link

1.4) 2D Probability density functions vs RV and distance for SIMP J2154-1055.

This figure shows the 2-dimensional posterior probability density functions associated with each hypothesis, as a function of radial velocity and distance for SIMP J2154-1055. Please refer to Gagné et al. (2014a) for more details on these types of figures, which are output from BANYAN II. DOI & Figshare link

1.5) Comparison of the absolute J magnitude of SIMP J2154-1055 with young and field brown dwarfs.

This figure shows the expected position of SIMP J2154-1055 in a spectral type-absolute magnitude diagram (from Liu et al. 2013), using the statistical distance prediction from BANYAN II (Gagné et al. 2014a). It can be seen that SIMP J2154-1055 is expected to be under luminous as compared to old, field L dwarfs. This is consistent with other young L4 dwarfs, which are inflated, but more dusty ; the latter effect dominates on their J-band luminosity. Also due to its enhanced dust, it has redder than normal NIR colors. DOI & Figshare link

1.6) Comparison of NIR spectra of SIMP J2154-1055 with young and field brown dwarfs.

These figures compare SIMP J2154-1055 with various old and young spectroscopic templates. DOI & Figshare link

1.7) 2MASS Color Mosaic for SIMP J2154-1055.

For your own fun (or can be used as a Finder Chart). DOI & Figshare link

2) Additional data.

2.1) The spectrum of SIMP J2154-1055

Download it at the Montreal Spectral Library !

2.2) The FITS image for the J-band snapshot of SIMP 2154-1055 from the SIMP Survey

This FITS file contains the snapshot exposure of SIMP J2154-1055 from the J-band SIMP survey. Astrometry was calibrated using the services. Please acknowledge as well as the paper from the SIMP survey (Artigau et al. 2009). DOI & Figshare link

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