BANYAN. VII. Additional Material

BANYAN. VII. Additional MaterialBANYAN VII Wordle

This page contains additional scientific material related to the Gagné et al. (2015) paper arxiv:1506.07712. All datasets are hosted on Figshare so that they have their own citeable DOIs. However, we ask that you always cite arxiv:1506.07712 whenever you use any of those data sets.

1) The BANYAN II Web Tool

BANYAN II web tool.

2) New NIR Spectra

See the Montreal Spectral Library.

3) Proper Motions and Properties of All Objects in BANYAN VII

See fileset on Figshare

4) Firehose V2

To reduce FIRE data

5) Data Behind Figures

Obtain the data behind several Figures.

6) IDL program to estimate the mass of substellar objects.

DOI & Figshare link

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