BANYAN. V. BASS : Additional Material.

BANYAN. V. BASS : Additional Material.

This page contains additional material for the Gagné et al. (2014d) paper BANYAN V : “BANYAN. V. A Systematic All-Sky Survey for New Very Late-Type Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in Nearby Young Moving Groups”. All data is hosted on Figshare so that they get their own DOI if you wish to refer to a particular table or figure set. We ask that you always at least refer to BANYAN V when using this material, and after october 2014, please check if the complete ApJ reference is available on ADS.

== This Page is still in construction ! ==


1) Long version of the Paper (with full tables) :

DOI & Figshare link

2) Web Pages :

2.1) The BASS survey – Link.

2.2) The low-priority LP-BASS survey – Link.

3) Other Related Publications :

3.1) Cool Stars 18 Conference Proceeding – Link.

3.2) Brown Dwarfs Come of Age Conference Proceeding – Link.

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